I’d like to take this time to let all+20, 000 of you know that unfortunately I will be taking this blog down the reason being I no longer have anything new to provide for you all. It was a fun ride and I appreciate all of you! Thanks guys! This post will remain till the end of next week so most of you get to see this.

Anonymous: Who's the guy in your icon?

His name is Jt from Brazil.

Here’s the full pic:

I only got these two, not enough for a photoset but nonetheless enjoy! If i get more of him, i’ll be sure to post them.

Anonymous: Who is this skater dude everyone wants?

I believe you mean Jeffrey from the OC. He was posted already, check him out.

Anonymous: Boys suck at sending nudes tbh. They don't know any good angles

Walk them through it! Don’t be afraid to let them know exactly what you want. Click for a mini “tutorial” lol

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