Anonymous: Do you have any middle eastern?

I got two pics of this cutie not enough for a photoset, nonetheless enjoy the pic :D

Anonymous: Get on kik again

If you all start submitting pics, like in the beginning, I might consider using kik again. xD

Anonymous: if we want more information on a guy can we ask you about them?

The info provided on each boy’s individual post is all the info I can say.

Anonymous: How do you seduce all these men without blowing your cover? It's an art form tbh

Well, I’m usually blowing something else..

Anonymous: Looks like i missed out on a great post of Kyle

I saw his pics on another blog…

Anonymous: Can you post more videos ?

I want to. But I can’t. I really would if I could.

Anonymous: Well since you're not giving out their kik's, could you do like a follow up or Part 2 of those skaters Frankie & Isaiah? 😁😃

Link me to the post so I can find the easier, maybe I do have more of their pics to upload. :D

I hope you guys enjoy the boys posted tonight (been super busy as you all know.) Make  sure to drop by my ask with your question or comments, I enjoy responding to you all! Thanks for the patience. :D